Owaranai Sekkusu
1995 / 64m - Japan
No Good Men poster


August 13, 2023


Takahisa Zeze is an interesting director, but like most of his peers, his pinku work can be easily ignored. No Good Men could've been interesting if the core themes had been given a bit more space to breathe, sadly, there is no time for that, as genre quota and regulations had to be met.

The plot isn't much to look at, but that's hardly a surprise. Kumiko works at a travel agency, and she has an insatiable sexual drive. The men she dates aren't good enough for her, so she goes from guy to guy, trying to find her one true hero. The men she leaves behind are desperate for her love.

Like most pinku movies, the film is anything but sexy. No Good Men does touch upon some interesting themes, but Zeze merely breezes by them. The cinematography is cheap, the performances aren't good and the drama never really hits the mark. Mostly for completists, unless you're a big pinku fan.