2023 / 103m - USA
Comedy, Romance
No Hard Feelings poster


July 30, 2023


A pretty basic romcom. The whole movie seems like an excuse for Lawrence to play an edgier part, where she's "the bad guy" for a change. It just didn't work that well. Feldman on the other hand felt like a weaker version of Michael Cera, fading away into the background rather quickly.

Maddie is short on cash, so when she sees an ad looking for a person to date the awkward son of a rich couple, she feels like she might be the ideal candidate for the job. She is to teach him about sex, alcohol, and partying, but as they spend more time together, she starts to develop a liking for him.

The plot is pretty basic, the jokes are rather predictable and there's little cinematic appeal here. It's just a very average romcom, with Lawrence being the main attraction of the film. That's not quite enough to make it stand out, but it's not the worst 100 minutes you can spend with a film either.