Ya no Estoy Aquí
2019 / 112m - Mexico
I'm No Longer Here poster


November 25, 2021


A film about a niche Mexican counterculture calling itself Kolombia. It's an interesting enough premise about a slice of youth culture I knew next to nothing about, but the film is somewhat let down by the often meandering narrative. There's quality and value here, but I don't think Frias made the most of its potential.

Ulises is the leader of the small gang in Monterrey. They spend their days listening and dancing to slowed-down Cumbia music. When his gang gets into trouble, Ulises is forced to leave the city. He crosses the border to try his luck in Queens, but he had trouble adapting to his new environment.

The lead performance is strong, the cinematography is appealing enough. The film keeps jumping back and forth in time to add a little intrigue to the plot, but there isn't really enough there to warrant the near 2-hour runtime. A slightly faster pacing or tighter styling would've made this a better film for me, but it's certainly worth a watch.