Tai Zi Chuan Shuo
1993 / 89m - Hong Kong
No More Love No More Death poster


January 04, 2014


A pretty mediocre Yau/Wong collaboration. This sounded fun on paper, the reality turned out a little different. The action scenes are decent enough, though they are far from industry bests. The problem lies with the drama and romance, which are pretty ineffective and get in the way of the entertainment. It's neither Yau nor Wong's forte.

Prince has been trained to become a contract killer from a very young age. His dad is his teacher, with the help of his son he wants to get rid or his arch enemy once and for all. But Prince falls in love with a girl and when he finds out his dad isn't really the man he claimed to be, he has to make some tough decisions about his future.

Jacky Cheung isn't too bad and Yau/Wong do nail the action scenes, though people expecting their usual grit might be a bit disappointed. This felt more like a little experiment for the two directors to cover more commercial ground. The result isn't terrible, but unless you love these types of films, it's hard to actively recommend.