2021 / 100m - USA
Crime, Thriller
No Man of God poster


August 08, 2023


A decent enough biopic, though it falls prey to the genre's most glaring pitfalls. The film is extremely character/narrative-driven, and even though it tries to add a bit of cinematic flair, Sealey's attempts do little more than highlight her inability to do so confidently. Making an appealing biopic isn't easy.

In the 80s the FBI establishes a new division. Five profilers are appointed, people who try to understand the severely and criminally ill. Bill Hagmaier is a young recruit who gets assigned to Ted Bundy, the infamous serial killer. Nobody can get close to Bundy, but Hagmaier is able to build up a bond with this man.

The conversations between the two are interesting, the performances are solid and the pacing is OK, though the film gets a little repetitive in the second half. The soundtrack is used to try and elevate the overall styling, but it is pretty generic and mostly just loud. Not a bad film, but it's not too memorable.