Daijôbu 3 Kumi
2013 / 118m - Japan
Nobody's Perfect poster


December 19, 2014


A film that reminded me a bit about Hiroki's Locomotive Teacher, though that one benefitted from a more appealing setting (and some less overt drama). It's another fine Hiroki project though, a film that is littered with small, gentile moments, that make sure the film never becomes too schmaltzy and sentimental (even though it's a bit borderline).

Akao is a teacher who handles a class of 28 students. That's quite the challenge already, to make it even harder on him he has no legs or arms. Akao isn't defeated by his condition, and with the help of a friend, he does his best to teach his class to the best of his abilities. Luckily, the kids also do their part to help out their teacher.

With a setup like this, things are bound to get a little sentimental. I also feel Hiroki fares better when he deals with strong, edgy characters rather than very specific dramatic setups, but Nobody's Perfect is another fine entry in his vast oeuvre. Solid performances, little touches of magic, and a wholesome vibe help to elevate this film. A masterpiece this is not though.