2022 / 96m - Ireland
Nocebo poster


March 06, 2023


A fine little horror film that loses itself a bit too much in its dramatic background story. It kills the tension in the run-up to the finale, which ultimately undermines the atmosphere meticulously built up during the first half of the film. It's a shame, as the potential for a stylish horror darling was definitely there.

Christine is a respected fashion designer, but she struggles to combine her professional life with her family life. She has strange episodes where she blanks out and suffers from hallucinations. One day a Filipina housemaid shows up on her doorstep, taking a load off her shoulders while starting her healing process.

The horror elements are pretty scarce, but they're aided by an intriguing mystery that builds up purposefully. The performances are strong, the scares are solid (though the special effects could've used some work) and the styling is polished. The finale is pretty fun too, but the dull reveal leading up to it could've used a little extra refining. Good, but far from great.