1966 / 98m - Spain
Noche de Vino Tinto poster


August 22, 2021


A film that feels like Spain's answer to the Nouvelle Vague, though it comes from the hands of a Portuguese director. You don't have to expect much in the way of a plot in other words, instead the film spends time with two people who meet in a bar and float through the night, enjoying each other's company.

Ella and Chico are both disappointed in life, a feeling that connects them. Though they never met before, there's a spark, and they're willing to get to know each other a little better. As they explore the nightlife of Barcelona, their bond grows deeper, but is this little adventure strong enough to survive the night?

I'm quite partial to these freer narratives, the slick black and white cinematography and free-flowing camera work certainly help too. The biggest flaws for me were the soundtrack and the dialogues, both of which are ever-present and not very appealing. Performances are decent, and the limited runtime is a blessing, but it can't quite match the best of its French peers.