2023 / 89m - Belgium
Thriller, Mystery
Noise poster


March 19, 2023


A pretty decent mystery/thriller that forgets to cash in on the mood it built up quite meticulously. The setup is solid, mysterious elements are added left and right to create a disorienting mood and the presentation is slick. But when push comes to shove, the tension dissipates and the finale simply doesn't deliver.

Matthias and Liv just had a baby. They crave some peace and quiet, so they go live in the mansion owned by Matthias' dad. The baby won't stop crying, Matthias is feeling the pressure of being an influencer and his dementing dad keeps talking about some old drama related to the factory he owned.

The performances are decent, the film looks pretty stylish, the mystery is well-developed and the film doesn't overstay its welcome. It's just that it never reaches any real climax. I don't mind an open ending or narrative strands left unfinished, but the lack of an emotional climax is a lot harder to swallow.