2020 / 97m - UK
Not a Game poster


April 19, 2021


A pretty basic gamer doc that seems squarely aimed at parents who have no idea what to make of their kids' digital hobby. If you're a bit familiar with the gaming world or the world of esports, this documentary will tell you nothing new, if on the other hand you have parents who are clueless about what you're doing all day behind the computer, it's a decent enough intro for them.

There's a bit too much focus on the positives (of course) and even though the doc does touch on some negative aspects of gaming, they're easily put aside as extremes or just part of life. A bit more nuance and scientific fact checking wouldn't have hurt, even though the message itself isn't necessarily wrong.

Instead, we see quite a few sob stories about how gaming made the life of the sick and unfortunate better, how people growing up in small towns became big esports stars and other from rags to to riches stories. As an introductory doc it isn't terrible, but it's hardly the comprehensive overview of the gaming world it tries to be.