1942 / 117m - USA
Drama, Romance
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April 16, 2022


A classic drama/romance about a girl who blossoms into a real woman once she gets out of the grip of her overbearing mother. There's no subtlety here and the characters are paper thin, but decent performances do manage to save a little of what is a pretty basic and generic story.

A young girl once found love, but her mother didn't approve of the relationship. They live separated from the rest of the world and the girl gets into her own head, which leads to a nervous breakdown. Her doctor prescribes a long vacation to South-America, where she meets a wonderful man.

Films like these aren't really for me. They're built around easy drama and are very plot-driven, which a sentimental score and plain black and white cinematography pushing things along. But Bette Davis does manage to make something of her characters, which saves it from complete disaster.