2021 / 100m - The Netherlands
Mystery, Comedy
Nr. 10 poster


December 23, 2022


Alex van Warmerdam's 10th film comes with an appropriate title. It's another head-scratcher that starts off like any other normal film but takes a sharp turn halfway through and leaves you behind more than a little puzzled. This is perfectly fine of course, as long as you're not hoping to get any definite answers.

Günter is working on a new play, while on the side, he has an affair with the director's wife. The director finds out and starts to demote Günter's part in the play. Defeated, Günter slowly loses grip on his life, but then a strange figure introduces himself and tells him he has information about his long-lost mother.

The structure of the film reminded me a little of Adaptation, but the finish is vintage van Warmerdam. It does take some time for the stronger absurdist elements to enter, but the third and final part doesn't disappoint. The styling could've been a little better, that's still my main gripe with van Warmerdam's work, but other than that, it's a pretty fun and intriguing flick.