Cet Obscur Objet du Désir
1977 / 103m - France
Romance, Comedy
That Obscure Object of Desire poster


April 22, 2024


Luis Bunuel's final film. It hinges on a rather iffy premise, but the way the film is set up is somewhat interesting. Not enough to make it a good one though. It's not the worst of his I've seen, but I didn't care for either of the main characters or the issues they were trying to work through.

When boarding a train, an older man is called upon by a younger woman. To everyone's surprise, he throws a bucket of water over her head. Once settled on the train, his fellow passengers are eager to hear what the story is behind this little scene, and so the man explains what happened before.

The age difference between the main characters is quite big, and the "romance" isn't very romantic. Once you get by the borderline creepy relationship, what remains is some back-and-forth between two genuinely irritating characters. At least the story remains somewhat unpredictable and the pacing isn't too bad, so it's not all bad.