1959 / 96m - USA
Crime, Thriller
Odds Against Tomorrow poster


June 09, 2024


Not bad, for a film noir. I've seen a lot of them these past few years and I've quickly come to realize that it's not a genre for me. In principle, there's a lot of room for mood and atmosphere, but practically speaking there are usually just endless dialogues and crummy fight scenes.

Burke is an ex-cop who is fed up and wants to get rich quickly. He knows where to steal 50K, but he needs accomplices to get to it. He finds two guys, one's an outspoken racist and the other one is black. They don't get along too well, which messes with Burke's plan to commit the crime.

The lighting is pretty nice and Wise spends quite a bit of time on establishing a gritty atmosphere. That works very well for the first half hour, after that the narrative takes over again and things become less interesting. But the film is relatively short and never dips below a certain base quality. Decent (for a noir).