2021 / 108m - USA
Mystery, Horror
Old poster


July 21, 2021


Shyamalan's latest is another dark mystery, elevated by some light fantastical and horror touches. It's nice to see him put his own cinematic universe in the freezer again, instead chasing something more original and conceptual. The result is a very peculiar film that keeps its mystery alive until the very end.

While on a tropical holiday, a family is offered a chance to visit a majestic cove. Together with a few other couples, they arrive at what looks to be a forgotten bit of paradise. When a corpse washes up on the shores and their way back appears mysteriously blocked, they start to suspect the cove is housing a deadly secret.

While the premise is interesting enough, Shyamalan put a lot of effort into the cinematography and soundtrack to enhance the mystery. The free-roaming camera in particular is a real treat, as it often traverses the cove with seemingly no regard to the actors' positions. Performances are a little odd and the finale may not be entirely satisfactory, but I had a lot of fun with this one. One of Shyamalan's better films.