2022 / 97m - USA
Mystery, Thriller
Old Man poster


October 17, 2022


McKee's latest is a peculiar little film. He built his reputation upon some gruesome and uncomfortable horror films, Old Man is more of a mystery/thriller with minor mindfuck elements. It's a single-location film that is incredibly slow and uneventful but thrives on tension and mystery, which kept me glued to my seat.

When a hiker gets lost in the woods, he spots a cabin that looks to be inhabited. The moment the door opens a shotgun is pushed underneath his nose. An old man stands on the other side of the barrel, ushering him inside. The old man appears to be a little unhinged, so the hiker does his best to remain polite.

The film is little more than a conversation between the old man and the hiker, still, McKee creates a tangible atmosphere, and the wayward conversations slowly reveal a darker truth. Lang and Senter are both great, McKee makes good use of the location and I never once looked at the clock. Good film.