2007 / 86m - Ireland
Music, Drama
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June 30, 2021


A sing-songwriter's wet dream. I guess this is about as lo-fi as a film can get, which is kind of appropriate considering the characters and the music that Carney puts forward. This is really a collection of everything music-related I dislike, kudos to Carney for still managing to inject a bit of charm into the relationship between the leads.

Glen works in the hoover repair shop of his dad, but he's mostly out and about, making music on the street. One day he meets Mark├ęta, a single mom who loves the piano. It clicks between the two, but they both have unfinished business that keeps them from hooking up. It doesn't stop them from making music together though.

Two tortured artists in an uplifting romance, though stuck in a film crammed to the rim with whiny singer-songwriter music. The cinematography is ugly as can be, the music is terrible, and the characters are dim, but when they are together there is some chemistry. 200% not my type of film, but Carney is better at this than the Coen brothers (cfr. Inside Llewyn Davis).