Huang Fei-hung Zhi Wu: Long Cheng Jian Ba
1994 / 101m - Hong Kong
Once Upon a Time in China V poster


October 01, 2007


November 25, 2022


Wong Fei Hung and the pirates. This fifth entry in the Once Upon a Time in China franchise doesn't bring anything new to the table, except for its pirate villains. I loved the film when I first watched it, and a good two decades later I still like it a lot, but I don't think it can really measure up to the best (or even better) films in its genre.

Wong Fei Hung and his ever-growing group of students and protectees undertake a journey. On their way, they get involved in a scuffle with pirates who are terrorizing the seas. Hung is a righteous man and decides to help the locals with their plight by getting rid of the pirates for them, which spells a lot of trouble for Hung and his companions.

The fight with the old pirate is great and what I expect to see from a film like this, the rest of part five never really reached that same level. The comedy has its moments and the action is nice enough, but the bar should be higher for Hark. There's also a bit too much padding, adding 15 pointless minutes to the runtime. Still good, just not as great as I remembered it to be.