USA [1961] - 141m
Directed by
Marlon Brando
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November 05, 2021


Marlon Brando directs himself in an overly long western. It's always a little tricky when one person has too much creative control over a film, especially when he's not really a born director. It's no surprise then that One-Eyed Jacks often feels like a vanity project that could've used a more decisive editor.

Dad and Rio are two bank robbers. After securing a particularly big loot, Dad betrays Rio and leaves him to be captured by the police. When Rio finally gets out of prison, he wants to take revenge on Dad. He tracks him down to a Californian town, where Dad became a respected sheriff.

One-Eyed Jacks is a very basic western, the kind that really should last any longer than 90 minutes. And yet, Marlon drags it out to well over two hours. Performances are poor and overdone, the setting isn't very appealing and unless you're a hardened western fan, the plot isn't all that interesting either. Not good.