1992 / 105m - USA
Crime, Thriller
One False Move poster


December 15, 2022


Carl Franklin. It's the second film I see from the man, it's the second time the broader appeal of his film puzzles me. One False Move is an incredibly generic 90s crime/thriller, the kind that has lost almost all of its appeal since its release. It's bland, tasteless narrative cinema that leaves me completely cold.

When a drug deal goes bust, three criminals band together and plan to move to a little town where they hope to find shelter until the whole thing blows over. The FBI is on to their plan, but they get an overeager local sheriff on their hands, who will do anything to prove he can be of value to them.

The performances aren't too bad, and that's about it for One False Move. The plot is plain and basic, the cinematography is offensively uninteresting, and the score is not even a thing. It might have been passable genre filler back when it was first released, but I have no clue why or where it got its praise from. Bleh.