1932 / 78m - USA
Romance, Musical
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April 24, 2024


Romance, comedy, and some musical elements. And yet, the film isn't funny, the romance is icky at best and the musical elements are as dire as I'd feared. The advent of sound moved cinema away from some of its core strengths, in return we got a lot of films that were little more than recorded theater plays.

Andre Bertier is a Parisian doctor who is married to Colette. They are a very happy couple, but Bertier is a charming man. Many women hope to be treated by the good doctor, but he is faithful and respectful to his wife. Things get a bit trickier when Colette sends her friend Mitzi to visit her husband.

There's a lot of talking, some doubty performances, and a few musical moments. The romance is anything but romantic, the comedy is little more than a lighthearted mood and the rhymes are pretty basic. It's a short film though, so it doesn't go on endlessly, but that's not much of a positive when nothing else stands out.