Zhi You Yun Zhi Dao
2019 / 132m - China
Drama, Romance
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January 10, 2021


Xiaogang Feng's latest appears to be a manipulative dramatic romance (and it truly is), but the fact that the story is based on people Feng knew in real life at least gives him somewhat of an excuse. Not that it suddenly adds a ton of extra layers and dramatic weight, it's just the knowledge that the plot isn't completely tailored to be the biggest tearjerker possible.

After Simon's wife dies, he takes her ashes to visit all the places she held dearest. During his trip we see flashbacks of the couple. The way they met each other, where they built up their lives together (rural New Zealand is a beautiful place) and how tragedy cut down their time together short.

Feng goes a little overboard with the music and the cinematography is a little too cheesy, but the performances are nice, the direction is effective and even though the runtime's just a little excessive, it never gets dull. People who dislike romance shouldn't even attempt to come near this one, but otherwise it's not a bad film.