UK [1967] - 117m
Action, Adventure
Directed by
Lewis Gilbert
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October 12, 2020


This feels like two James Bond films rolled into one. We get to see Bond making a less than sociable trip to Japan, but then there's also a lot of space/Cold War stuff to wade through. The two narratives barely fit together, but because the film doesn't take itself too serious it still works.

Tensions between the US and Russia are rising when an unidentified spacecraft steals a US ship. While the fight between the two nations escalates, all signs seem to point to a Japanese launch site. Bond is sent out to investigate, working together with the Japanese Secret Service to prevent WWIII.

It's nice to see the series didn't abandon its goofy roots. Underground lairs, hidden pathways, spies around every corner. It's all there, though never taking itself too serious. The biggest problem with these early Bond films is the length. Two hours is a bit long for something silly like this, but at least it never got boring.

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