2022 / 99m - USA
Orphan: First Kill poster


November 01, 2022


A very messy prequel. I wasn't a big fan of the first film, but Bell isn't the worst horror director, so I was willing to give this one a fair shot. Crazy plot twists aside, it's the premise that never really worked for me. Fuhrman is 25 now, and somehow she still has to pass for an 11-year-old girl? A tough sell.

Leena escapes from a mental institution and cons her way into an American family, posing as Esther, their long-lost daughter. She adapts quickly, but not everybody is buying her story. What Leena doesn't know is that the family has a few secrets of their own, and she doesn't fit into them.

Fuhrman is a complete miscast, the plot is pretty ridiculous and the horror elements are dull. The film isn't all that tense either and the dim cinematography is a bit of a downer, but there are a few enlightened moments that give First Kill a little extra flair. Not enough to save it, but at least it's something.