Naniwa Yuukyôden
1995 / 101m - Japan
Action, Comedy, Crime
Osaka Tough Guys poster


June 04, 2006


February 21, 2023


One of the first true Miike films. Osaka Tough Guys is a Yakuza/crime flick littered with vintage Miike weirdness. So much in fact that it reminded me a little of Kitano's Getting Any. After a short introduction, the film switches to a sketch-like setup with very little in the way of an overarching story. It is pretty funny though, so I can't say it bothered me.

Two young slackers are roaming the streets of Osaka. They're in dire need of money, so much they're even considering taking on work. But then the two are picked up by a Yakuza gang and they're pretty much forced to join the sect. Under the leadership of Daimon, a rogue Yakuza, they learn the tricks of the trade. Making money is tough though, even for a criminal.

The presentation of the film is pretty crude, and so is the comedy for that matter. But Miike shows things no other director would even dare to dream of, and the combination of classic Yakuza elements and zany/borderline absurd comedy makes this a very easy watch. It's not a true Miike classic, but it's an essential step in his career, one that would foreshadow the greatness to come.