2014 / 99m - USA
Action, Adventure
Outcast poster


June 16, 2020


A simple action adventure about a couple of wayward crusaders making amends in the Far East for their past crimes. It's a pretty cheap excuse to make a China-Hollywood cross-over with some (semi-)famous actors, but at least the result is watchable, depending on what you expect from a film.

Powell makes good use of the beautiful setting and the film contains a couple of decent action scenes, that's pretty much the appeal of Outcast. The plot is very basic, the drama in between is forgettable and the additional elements (like a spineless romance and some failed comedy) really don't help to make the film any better.

The cinematography is solid, the fight choreography passable (but not really noteworthy), the pacing acceptable and the runtime nice and short. If you like a bit of action, Outcast has enough to keep you entertained, as long as you don't expect anything too exceptional. Decent filler, nothing more, nothing less.