2014 / 93m - Japan
Over Your Dead Body poster


March 03, 2016


Not the crazy Miike, not the commercial Miike. Over Your Dead Body was made by the solid, more serious Miike. A film that doesn't rely on craziness, wild ideas, over-the-top horror or action. Instead, it's a pretty classic setup that follows a typical structure and shows Miike can also handle simple but quality filmmaking.

While I did like the film a lot, I do have to say it feels like wasted potential when Miike does one of these films. Mostly because there are plenty of other directors who could've made something very similar, while nobody is able to do Miike. Especially with a Perfect Blue-like story he could've done so much more, if only he'd approached the film from a different angle.

But the intrigue is solid, some light horror moments make it a bit creepier, the sets look nice and the cinematography is on point. The only thing that bothered me was that the pacing was a little sluggish, even so the film was tense enough to keep me glued to my seat. Not the best Miike, but a very solid and entertaining film nonetheless.