1946 / 120m - Italy
Drama, War
Paisan poster


November 05, 2021


A pretty decent film from Roberto Rossellini. WWII films aren't really my thing, I'm not big on Italian classics either, but because of the fragmented nature of this film it did manage to keep my interest for the full two hours. Some pretty pictures in between didn't make things worse either.

The film consists of 6 segments, zooming in on smaller moments and issues faced by the allied forces as they push through Italy to free the country. The film spans 1.5 years and sees the soldiers try their best to work together with the locals, hoping to bring their mission to a good end.

Performances aren't that great and the soundtrack is far too overbearing. It kills the drama and works against the premise, which is a bit of a shame. I did like the structure, which kept things fresh and made the 2 hours much easier to bridge. The cinematography is pretty fine too, especially the outside scenes. Not great, but better than expected.