2022 / 128m - USA
The Pale Blue Eye poster


April 03, 2023


An odd little Edgar Allen Poe-adjacent whodunit. I'm not quite sure why or how Poe was made a supporting character in this story, it didn't make a whole lot of sense as it could've been anybody else. Then again, it's not a negative either, and lurking behind that odd choice lies a pretty moody whodunit.

Landor is a respected detective, whose methods and behavior are a little eccentric. He is summoned when a cadet is found dead, and murder is suspected. Landor takes on the case and runs into Edgar Allen Poe, a young student with a penchant for poetry, who joins Landor in his quest to solve the case.

The cinematography is proper and moody, the performances are strong and the plot is pretty meticulous, with a nice (though not very unexpected) twist to boot. It's a pretty standard whodunit though, so you can just sit back while everything is served on a silver platter. Not my favored type of cinema, but pretty good regardless.