USA [1942] - 88m
Comedy, Romance
Directed by
Preston Sturges
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July 05, 2021


90 minutes of rapid-fire conversation, that's what this film has to offer. The comedy is mostly based on stereotypical male/female clich├ęs stretched to their breaking point, whether you think that is funny or not will probably depend on whether you like this type of screwball comedy. Personally, I'm not a big fan.

Gerry and Tom are a married couple who keep getting into fights about money. Tom is an inventor, but can't produce a profitable invention, Gerry wants to enjoy life and feels like she's holding Gerry back. And so Gerry concocts a plan that will hopefully save her marriage, or at least make her own life a little more enjoyable.

Performances are decent but nothing special. The plot is basic and the comedy not all that funny. The one big positive here is that the film stays clear from introducing too much drama. The tone is light from start to finish and the film doesn't take itself too seriously. Certainly not the worst screwball comedy, still not really worth it though.