Also known as
Die Büchse der Pandora
Germany [1929] - 133m
Romance, Crime
Directed by
Georg Wilhelm Pabst
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July 19, 2021


Rather impressive German classic. From all the silent films, the German ones tend to be the most accomplished and stylish ones. Pandora's Box is no exception, even though the topic didn't really appeal to me at first. The romance is by far the least interesting aspect of the film, but man does it look great.

Pandora's Box tells the story of Lulu, a pretty young thing with high aspirations. She has her mind set on the wealthy Doctor Schön, but he catches her messing around with another man and decides to marry another woman. Lulu won't leave it at that and when she gets the chance, she gives it her all to convince Schön he made the wrong choice.

For a film from the 20s, the cinematography looks absolutely lush. It's by far the film's main appeal, though it must be said the performances are pretty decent too. The score is less impressive, the plot is a little dull and the runtime somewhat excessive. Certainly not the worst silent classic.