2021 / 98m - USA
Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin poster


November 01, 2021


Eubank's take on found footage horror. The link with Paranormal Activity is pretty weak, to the point where it feels more like an excuse to recycle the name. Once you get past that, this wasn't all that bad (one of the better films in the series actually). As long as you fancy yourself a bit of found footage horror of course.

Margot decides to make a documentary when she discovers her natural parents are Amish. She gets into contact with her brother, and he agrees to let her stay on their farm for a while. Margot and her team are excited to make their film, but it soon dawns on them that the people on the farm aren't telling the entire truth.

The intro is a bit long and the twist isn't exactly original, but Eubank does a good job cranking up the tension. He makes the most of the eerie setting, has some neat new camera tricks to show off and deliver a cracking finale. It's not his best work, but found footage horror fans are sure to have a good time with Next of Kin.