USA [2007] - 99m
Action, Adventure
Directed by
Marcus Nispel
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March 15, 2021


Vikings vs Indians. This isn't what you call a historically correct film, instead Marcus Nispel created something more in line with 300. An action-filled adventure that's all about looking as bad-ass as possible. Approach it like that and Pathfinder isn't such a bad film, despite what you may read elsewhere.

The plot is basic. A young Viking boy is adopted by an Indian tribe. 16 years later a new batch of Viking conquerors appear on their shores. The boy will have to prove his worth by fighting off the invaders, with a little help of his newfound family. And so the cat and mouse game starts.

Nispel relies on mean-looking costumes and heavy post-production color grading to give the film some extra flair, and he's pretty successful at it too. The action relies a little too much on CG and the performances are mediocre, but the action scenes are cool and the pacing is perfect. Fun filler.

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