Do Ma Daan
1986 / 104m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Action
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August 23, 2008


One of the biggest Hark Tsui classics, and it's not difficult to see why. The formula that would be copied all over Hong Kong during the next decade is already there for all to see. Many would improve on it in the years to come, but Hark did a lot of the groundwork and delivers a very fun and polished film. If you like a good martial arts comedy, look no further.

The army takes over Beijing in 1913, and immediately some of its citizens band together to revolt. Yin, the daughter of a general, returns to her home country to join the resistance. She is tasked to deliver a secret document at the opera. There she meets two other women who join her in her quest, but a confrontation with the police forces them to flee.

The action scenes are lovely (the ending, in particular, is great), the cinematography is on point and the performances are lively and fun. The film isn't best in class, but that's only because others have copied and improved on the originals. If you care about Hong Kong cinema, this is an essential watch and one that would cement Hark's further career.