USA [2010] - 118m
Fantasy, Adventure
Directed by
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Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief poster


September 25, 2021


I'm certainly glad the young adult hype is well behind us, but Percy Jackson isn't the worst of the bunch. I was vaguely aware of this title, but had no clue what it was going to be about. It's obviously aimed at younger audiences, but at least Columbus was smart enough not to overreach.

Percy is a not so bright kid who finds out he is the half-son of a Greek god. The gods suspect him of having stolen a magic lightning rod and give him 10 days to return the trinket to them. Together with two trusted companions, Percy sets out to find who set him up, catapulting him in a realm full of gods and magic.

The lead actors are pretty dim and the plot is a big old mess, but the film isn't too serious and Columbus had plenty of dollars to spend. It's a noisy, not so creative adventure film that drags on a little too long and has no real memorable moments, but rambles on at such a pace that you might not notice while watching.

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