Ji Jun Sam Sap Lok Gai Ji Tau Tin Wun Yat
1993 / 105m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Crime
The Sting II poster


January 01, 2012


Another Jing Wong genre mashup where he borrows royally from other films. Andy Lau is back to doing his card tricks, but The Sting II is also part prison cinema and of course Wong's trademark comedy is also present. It's a combination of different elements that really shouldn't work as well together as they do here.

Mindy is an infamous conman. When he gets caught trying to cheat on a Lau, a Triad boss, he is forced to make a deal with him. Mindy has to smuggle himself into a prison and seek out a prisoner who is hiding 3 million HK dollars. Once there, he runs into a fellow conman who promises to help him.

With Andy Lau and Tony Leung Ka-Fai, you can rest assured that the performances are solid. The comedy is fun and keeps the film light, there's quite a bit of variation due to the mix of genres and the pacing is fine, though the film itself could've been a little shorter. Not what you'd call a masterpiece, but good fun nonetheless.