Also known as
Jing Zu 100 Fen
Hong Kong [1990] - 92m
Comedy, Romance
Directed by
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February 14, 2009


A desperate attempt by the Shaw Bros studios to cash in on a popular genre. For Jing Wong, this is business as usual, though I have to say that he can do a lot better than Perfect Girls. It's a truly pedestrian romcom, one of those film that isn't particularly romantic and fumbles the comedy.

Lin is promised a big inheritance, but only if he manages to marry within 100 days of his grandfather's death. If he fails to do so, he'll see his entire inheritance slip through his hands. Lin isn't very good with women, but he can't pass up the money, and so he'll have to do his utmost best to conquer his shyness.

No random parodies or funky weirdness, instead we get a recycled story and lots of situational comedy. The pacing is decent enough and the film is short, but other than that, there are no redeeming qualities. Not even a decent cast was able to save this one. Predictable, unfunny and boring filler.

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