1951 / 122m - USA
Drama, Romance
A Place in the Sun poster


October 31, 2021


A classic, sentimental drama. Drab, black and white cinematography, highly expressive performances and a worn out, dragged out plot make this quite an ordeal to sit through. The characters left me completely cold, and since that's pretty much all what the film was betting its marbles on, this was a pretty big failure.

George is a young man looking for a purpose in life. Uncertain of what to do with his life, he goes to work for his uncle. There he meets Alice, a colleague, who he has an affair with. He forgets all about her when he bumps into Angela, a rich girl who immediately falls for the charms of George.

Scripted romances, simplistic drama and some courtroom intrigue. I didn't care for any of it. This was one of those films where nothing felt particularly special or noteworthy, a long succession of predictable scenes that didn't inspire any emotion at all. At two hours long, it really tested my patience, sadly, I got nothing in return.