1987 / 93m - USA
Planes, Trains & Automobiles poster


December 18, 2020


I didn't quite like this film as a kid, so I'd never really bothered giving it a second try. It's a holiday classic though, so I figured I might just as well get it over with this year. Turns out it's really not that bad a film after all. Not quite the masterpiece some make it out to be, but definitely entertaining enough for casual filler.

Neal promised he'd be home on time for Thanksgiving, but the weather messes up his plans. On his journey back home he meets up with Del, a jolly but slightly irritating salesman who happens to be going in the same direction as Neal. The two don't get along together that well, but getting home is their first priority.

Martin and Candy have a lot of chemistry together, there are some hilarious secondary characters and even though it's a comedy, there's also a surprising amount of snide. It's a pretty solid road movie, just don't expect too much from the cinematography and soundtrack. Solid filler.