2022 / 106m - USA
Thriller, Horror
Play Dead poster


January 23, 2023


A surprisingly capable film from Patrick Lussier. His track record isn't the greatest, with some pretty poor horror remakes messing up his oeuvre, but Play Dead is a nice change of pace for him. Not that it is a very original or remarkable film, but as a horror/thriller mix it does just about everything right.

When a robbery goes wrong, one of the perps ends up in the morgue. The other one escapes and seeks help from his sister. When they run through the events, they quickly realize that his mate's iPhone can be used to implicate him, so their only option is to sneak into the morgue and retrieve the phone.

The first half is built on tension, with some fun (but somewhat predictable) reveals to keep things interesting. The finale adds a touch of horror to the mix. The performances are solid, the build-up of the tension is on point and while a tad long, the film never drags or gets dull. Prime horror filler.