2020 / 87m - UK
Playhouse poster


May 17, 2023


A basic haunted house story, sporting padding that is at least a tad more original than usually the case. The problem is that it doesn't really affect the film much, worse is that the horror elements are relatively ineffective and leave the film stranded in a limbo that makes you wonder what its target audience was.

Famous horror playwriter Jack Travis buys a remote castle and hopes to use it as a live stage for his next project. There's a dark legend attached to the house and Travis is planning to exploit it. The townsfolk aren't too happy to see this old bit of folklore revived and they try to stop Travis in his tracks.

The setting and characters add a bit of flair to an otherwise very simple premise, but the film never takes it anywhere. The hauntings are bland, the styling could've been better and the film lacks a proper payoff. It's never boring and quite short, but the potential was there to do more with it.