2023 / 86m - USA
Pollen poster


June 09, 2023


Horror with an odd twist. I wouldn't go as far as to call it a comedy, but there are some dark comedy streaks here that help liven things up. Not everything works and the film could've used a little extra polish (and be a little less obvious), but for a first feature, there's more than enough potential.

Hera has just started her job. She is good at what she does, but she works in a cut-throat firm and her colleagues don't cut her any slack. When her boss maltreats her on a date and ditches her when Hera isn't willing enough to do as he pleases, her mind starts to slip and she latches on to the only present she got from her boss: a plant.

The characters are a tad cliché, the performances aren't great and the first half needs some time to get going, but things get better as the film becomes increasingly weird. Pollen is definitely a memorable one, sporting a weird mix of horror and comedy, with some mystery and fantasy elements thrown in for good measure. Fun, but imperfect.