2022 / 96m - Japan
Popran poster


May 17, 2023


Ueda's latest is an oddball mix of wacky Japanese comedy and a self-reflective road movie. It's the comedy that takes center stage though, so don't expect a very deep or heavy film. The plot is incredibly ridiculous and the drama is pretty by the numbers. At the same time, the journey of the lead character is one that takes him through all his past mistakes and forces him to reflect on his life choices.

Tagami is the CEO of a successful manga publishing company. His life goes well until he wakes up one morning with his penis gone. The doctors are stumped, but an underground organization knows more about his affliction. They tell him his penis detached itself and flew away. He has only six days to retrieve his old friend before he is lost forever.

The outrageous premise is fun, but the tone of the film is surprisingly serious (for this type of thing that is). Ueda certainly improved on the technical side, the actors do a decent job all things considered and the road trip elements add to the intrigue of the film. It's not exactly a masterpiece, but it's quite a bit better than I expected upfront.