1979 / 80m - Japan
Prey poster


May 12, 2021


It's no secret Wakamatsu had trouble finding his way once the 60s were over, which led to quite a few subpar films in the coming decades. There were also more than a handful random attempts to steer his career in a different direction, Prey is one of those films. Sadly, it wasn't very successful.

The plot revolves around a music agent with a strong love for reggae. Troubles at the company he works for (they care more about marketability than the actual music) and problems with his girlfriend (who becomes increasingly more dependent on drugs throughout the film) drive him to a life of crime.

Performances are mediocre, Wakamatsu's direction feels flat and uninspired, the plot is dull, and the reggae angle comes off as random and tacked on. There's almost nothing left of the spirited, vibrant and creative force that Wakamatsu was just a decade earlier, which makes a film like this all the more painful to watch.