Germany [2021] - 87m
Directed by
Thomas Sieben
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September 15, 2021


Written and directed by Thomas Sieben, but I can't help but wonder how much actual writing had to be done for this film. Prey is one of the most basic genre flicks imaginable, a film I've seen countless times before, only with a slightly different cast. The direction is fine though, making this amusing genre filler.

A group of five guys is trekking through the woods to celebrate Roman's upcoming wedding. When they finally get back to the car, a shooter takes aim at them. Uncertain of what's going on, they retreat back into the woods, but they don't really stand a chance against the skilled gunman.

Remote woods, five guys, one shooter. Prey isn't out to revolutionize the genre, but the atmospheric location, some very minor twists and the solid presentation make sure that genre fans won't have much to complain about. It's welcome filler in a genre that hasn't seen all that much action lately.