2022 / 86m - USA
Horror, Crime
The Price We Pay poster


February 14, 2023


Kitamura's latest attempt to keep the late '00s horror vibe alive. Admittedly, the build-up is a little slow, and halfway through I was a bit disappointed, but the finale really makes up for lost ground. Once the crime elements fade into the background and the film's TCM DNA starts to surface, there's a lot of fun to be had.

Some criminals rob a pawn shop, where they take a young woman hostage. They drive off into the sunset, at least until their car breaks down. They end up staying at a remote farm, but little do they know the inconspicuous setting houses a pretty dark and violent secret. When grandpa finally comes home, all will be revealed.

The robbery and the aftermath aren't that exciting, mostly because the performances are a bit middling. The horror twist isn't exactly novel either, but Kitamura's camera doesn't flinch or look away, and things get increasingly weirder and bloodier, with a twisted (pun intended) finale as the cherry on top. Not the most exceptional film, but plain good horror fun regardless.