UK [2005] - 129m
Drama, Romance
Directed by
Joe Wright
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June 28, 2020


A typical Wright film. It's definitely classier than your average costume drama, but it's still very much a costume drama. Overtly posh and British, quite slow, an overload of drama and too sentimental for its own good. I'm not a big fan of the genre and this adaptation of Pride and Prejudice did little to change my mind.

Quite a few famous actors on the cast though, with a defining role for Knightley and a well-stuffed secondary roster. While they do their best make the most of it, the format hardly allows them to make something of their characters, meaning actors like Mulligan and Reilly are pretty much wasted on this film.

The setting looks rich and the outdoor shots are pretty nice, which turned out to be the main selling point for me. That's hardly enough for a 2+ hour film of course and the second hour in particular dragged quite a bit. Fans of costume dramas are sure to find something they like here, for me there wasn't much here.

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