Also known as
Ching Wa Wong Ji
Hong Kong [1984] - 92m
Comedy, Romance
Directed by
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March 08, 2009


Another early Wong comedy. That means it's best to keep your expectations low, especially when you're not too taken with 80s Hong Kong comedy. Wong delivers a vintage genre flick, but falters when it comes to the execution. A comedy has to be funny to be successful, sadly, this film is not.

Chan, the son of a wealthy businessman, is desperate to get a girlfriend. His best friend takes him on a vacation to Waikiki, but that trip ends in failure. Back home, they run into two women. While the encounter is a little awkward, Chan shows interest in one of them. Getting her to date him won't be easy.

Kenny Bee lacks the charisma to carry a film like this. Maggie Cheung and Rosamund Kwan on the other hand are perfect for their parts, but they're given very little to work with. The usual romantic troubles are pretty predictable, the comedy is tepid and the film looks dead cheap. Very basic filler, unless you're very desperate for a Hong Kong romcom.

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