Hei Ma Wang Zi
1999 / 95m - Hong Kong
Drama, Romance
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December 28, 2008


Jing Wong takes on the romcom genre. A rather profitable undertaking, especially when you can count on A-listers like Andy Lau and Michelle Reis to take up the lead roles. Wong does the bare minimum to make the film presentable, though he deserves to some slack, as at that time the Hong Kong film industry was struggling to keep its head above water.

Wah is a rather crude man, who falls in love with the well-educated and cultivated Ping. Ping is looking for her mother and Wah decides to help her out. Ping's wealthy father doesn't trust Wah though and he assumes he's out to kidnap his daughter, which leads to some rather tricky complications.

Lau and Reis do a decent job, the comedy is pretty amusing and the pacing is solid. It's all pretty enjoyable, but at the same time it's rather unremarkable and anything but memorable. Typical Jing Wong filler in other words. Good enough if you got 90 minutes to spare and no idea what else to watch.