Hachigatsu no Yakusoku
1995 / 50m - Japan
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August 03, 2023


Katsuhito Ishii's first is a mid-length feature that showcases his promise as a director. It's not quite up there with his best work, but it has a fun vibe and a cast of kooky characters that make this a very easy watch. If you're looking for a short, chill Japanese comedy, look no further.

Three college girls found a map that shows them a way to a hidden marijuana field. On their way there, they get a lift from a suicidal guy who immediately falls in love with one of the girls. The map leads them nowhere until they see some suspicious bikers who they decide to follow.

The plot is utter nonsense. It's all about the characters, the dialogue, and the silly situations. The setting is pleasant, the tone is light throughout and the short runtime is a blessing. Ishii would improve in his later films, refining his trademark elements, but this was a very good start to his career.